Preventative Healthcare

Our healthcare systems tend to place a disproportionate emphasis on a reactive model of care, that is – we become unwell, in response then we receive a healthcare intervention.

We should prevent fire than fight fires.

The alternative approach is prevention. Prevention means taking measures to prevent disease, rather than just treating diseases as they occur. A preventive model means stopping the development of disease before symptoms or life-threatening events happen.


When we are young and fit, we can be guilty of taking our health for granted. We think about the here and now, with little thought about the consequences in the future. Prevention does not mean living under restrictions and having no fun in life. By educating ourselves and understanding that we can have control over our health, will not only mean living life with increased awareness, but can be an empowering process. 

Our occupational therapists are experts in assessing one’s health. All therapy programs start with a detailed, highly individualised, informative Initial Assessment. Information is king when it comes to healthcare. Everything will follow in good order after the Initial Assessment where a therapy plan is recommended and goals are set.