Lets create a social safe mark for mental health sensitivity. Together.

1 in 7 Singaporeans experience mental disorder.


More than ¾ did not seek professional help.


Research found main reasons to be inability to recognize symptoms and concerns regarding stigma as two most common reasons of not seeking help.

51% suffers from chronic physical illness.


Majority of mental illness occurs at 29 years old.


Top 3 are depression, alcohol abuse and obsessive compulsive disorder.

The Lifeweavers Safemark sets up a framework for practitioners to be trained and recognized as a Lifeweaver, a certified safe professional that can provide gold standard therapeutic services.

The Lifeweavers Safemark Program will onboard any business to design their public facing offerings to be mental health friendly. People seeking services can patronize these venues as safe spaces, knowing that their staff are trained to be sensitive to mental health. The presence of such a program will also naturally inform the general public about mental health issues to promote normalisation.

We will also train public and private organisations to be mental health friendly.  Police stations, schools, hospitals, community centres and public services front offices should have practices that are sensitive to those at risk. Companies can also benefit greatly to provide mental health sensitive customer service and even re-evaluate internal processes to enhance welfare of their own work force.

More info coming soon. Watch this page.

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