Comprehensive Caregivers Training

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Comprehensive Caregivers Training

Caregivers are one of the most important roles in the support structure and rehabilitation plan of a patient. That is why, to focus on giving knowledge and skills, and having the right mindset towards health and care, is a key part of our work.

We realise that when the caregivers are trained alongside the patient in the acute setting, ie at the clinic, hospitals or temporary nursing home, they only get very generic education that is meant to apply to most situations. However, once the patient and caregivers go home, some of the education could not be applied because the home environment unveils challenges that may not have been anticipated at the acute setting.

This is the void Lifeweavers is filling – to design a comprehensive caregivers training after a holistic assessment of the patient’s condition, environment, lifestyle, goals and rehab pathway, and educate the caregiver based on individualised needs instead of a generic perspective.

This is why we’ve included a comprehensive family education and caregivers training as part of our therapy program, or deep dive into topics surrounding the condition as a standalone activity you can book with our team. 

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