Specialised Dementia Care Home Therapy Program

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Dementia Care Therapy Programs

Lifeweavers team consists of highly experienced dementia specialists with in-depth understanding of the disease, having worked with numerous clients in different settings around the world. These specialists are seasoned clinicians, educators and therapists, having  studied and worked hands-on with dementia clients for many years.

From these pooled wealth of experience, we’ve designed a comprehensive, gold-standard therapy program that consists of evaluation, education, continuous therapy, long-term maintenance and a professional caregivers respite service to offer a total package to cope with the condition.

Dementia as a progressive condition is likely to worsen over time. Often starting with memory issues, then more physical symptoms. The best we can do for a PwD is not to let it escalate into behaviours and routines that stresses them further.

With their immediate environment being key to dementia therapy, our team first focuses on evaluation of the home environment to derive a therapy plan. We believe that the home is where we start to condition the client with a constant positive mood and build their confidence from there for more advanced goals.

On the other hand, caregivers and loved ones are a cornerstone in helping a person with dementia flourish and continue to enjoy the richness life has to offer. In recognition to this, our team specially focuses on a deeper form of family education and caregivers training to set up a necessary solid support structure to impact the more effective outcomes. This includes an intensive training for domestic helpers, people providing support to PwD (person with dementia) and even our fellow healthcare workers to work safely with the client and themselves. That also means, we do not just look into the well being of the PwD but place a lot of focus on caregivers stress, burn out, personal safety and techniques to avoid injury.

The dementia specialists are equipped with an array of therapy interventions from re-enabling activities of daily living to going outdoors to enjoy most activities you can imagine.

We’ve also built a professional Caregivers Respite Service to help relieve the caregivers up to 4 hours daily to leave the clients in our hands safely. These sessions can even be a part of the therapy plan so our technicians will continuously observe, engage and document their progress through these respite sessions.

It is important we do not give up on PwD. With the right caregiving mindset, knowledge, skills on daily engagement and support structure, people with dementia can live a fulfilling, good quality life with dignity, happiness and purpose. We are confident that our team will enrich the journey of the PwD and their loved ones further with what we can do. Please reach out to us.


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Aim: For readers to understand the totality of the holistic approach to manage a Person with Dementia (PwD).