Fall Prevention

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Frailty & Falls Prevention

Around 1 in 3 Singaporeans over 50 suffer from falls every year. In 2006, injurious falls cost $6.8 billion in hospital admissions, this is not including the indirect costs such as outpatient appointments and families taking time off work. Falls have serious consequences such as hip fracture and can even be, unfortunately, fatal.

Research has shown that occupational therapy interventions can reduce risk of falls and improve quality of life (Kim et al 2017), and that occupational therapy can significantly reduce mortality rate in seniors (AOTA 2015). The Singapore Health Promotion Board has identified that home modification interventions are more effective in reducing the rate of falls when they are delivered by occupational therapists when compared to doctors or nurses.

Falls are a big issue for the elderly, but though risk of falling as we age increases, falling is not inevitable. As occupational therapists we know that there are steps that can be taken to lower risks of falls as we enter old age.

Our knowledgeable and experienced therapists offer a comprehensive falls prevention package to arrest any future incidents from happening.

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