What are the benefits of Home Therapy?

We come to you

Ideal for those who may find it difficult to access a hospital or clinic.

Save you time

We all have busy schedules and responsibilities, seeing you at home cuts out unnecessary travel time.

See you in your own home

To truly understand a person’s needs, we believe working with them in their own home is key to effective treatment.

Assess your environment

This is very important. Your health and rehabilitation could be affected by your environment, and this cannot be fully understood from hospital assessment alone.

Saves you money

By taking a preventative approach, we lower the risk of further hospital admission and help to maintain health for long term

The Home as a Therapy Tool

Our homes are naturally one of best place to heal. It is the sanctuary, the most comfortable place, the safest space.

This is our specialisation.

Led by the holistic methodology of occupational therapists, Lifeweavers believe that working with people at their most natural environment, the place where they spend the most time, is more effective than a clinic based program.

However, if the workplace is where the issues are at, or if part of the client’s goals is to be outdoors or to do activities outside the house, our interventions will be tailored to that factor and work with clients at their offices, work site or even vehicles in the case of drivers, for example! We go to where the occupation is at.