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Your body is your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy.

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The field of physiotherapy is a combination of science and art.  It involves diagnosing and treating injury and disease by exercising muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, and other structures.

And it’s not just about making your muscles stronger.  Physiotherapy also helps with pain relief, improved mobility, and posture, as well as aiding recovery from surgeries or injuries.


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Essential Information

Physiotherapy in an MDT

If you or a loved one are struggling with chronic conditions or old age, you will feel overwhelmed and alone.  But there is hope!  Treatment by a physiotherapy and multidisciplinary rehab team is highly effective in managing chronic conditions and improving the quality of life for older adults.

The importance of physiotherapy for chronic conditions and old age

In fact, physiotherapy is a key part of comprehensive and successful home-setting treatment for individuals and the elderly suffering from chronic conditions.  This specialised form of healthcare helps improve daily functioning, reduce pain, and improve the overall quality of life.  Physiotherapy treatments are tailored to each individual’s needs and strive to actively engage them in their rehab program.  For those with chronic conditions, this includes targeted exercises and physical activity along with lifestyle modifications that improve overall health.  In addition, multidisciplinary team members such as occupational therapists, dieticians, and social workers ensure all facets of care are covered.  So that each individual’s full range of needs is met holistically so they can feel healthier and happier at home.

How a multidisciplinary allied health rehab team is most effective in treating chronic conditions and old age

A multidisciplinary allied health rehab team is the most effective way to treat chronic conditions and old age.  By having a variety of specialties in acute, aged, and community care, such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and social workers, an all-rounded therapy plan can be developed to meet varying needs.  Each discipline focuses on different areas within healthcare while working closely with one another to provide the most comprehensive recovery program for each individual.  As a result, coordinated teamwork integrates prevention, diagnosis, and treatment approaches to assist the individual in working confidently toward full rehabilitation potential in the home setting.

Physiotherapists of sub-specialisations

Physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced health practitioners, specialising in physical rehabilitation.  Sub-specialisations of physiotherapy include sports therapy, which focuses on sports-related injuries and how to recover efficiently.  They also cover pre and post-natal care to assist expectant mothers during pregnancies and soon after birth.  Another sub-specialisation of physiotherapy is geriatric physiotherapy for elderly patients which helps them with fall prevention, gait re-education, and exercise training for chronic conditions.  In addition, a sub-specialisation of physiotherapy is neurorehabilitation.  Neurorehabilitation uses special methods to treat various neurological impairments.  Also, there is yoga and mindfulness therapy.  It is part of a holistic approach to physical activities.  Indeed, we have a physiotherapist who incorporates yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness to enhance therapy!

Common Conditions & Symptoms That Need Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists in Singapore treat a various range of symptoms and conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, back and neck pain, and movement disorders like cerebral palsy.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy in Singapore is common.  It is an area of focus for physiotherapists in restoring movement and function in patients suffering from injuries related to ergonomics, sports, or accidents.  This includes teaching exercises, practicing specific movements, and finding alternative ways to accomplish tasks to promote healing. [7][8][10]

Chronic pain is another condition that physiotherapists will treat.  They use a combination of techniques, including manual therapy and therapeutic exercises.  These techniques help manage and reduce pain caused by conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other musculoskeletal disorders. [8][9]

Back and neck pain are also common impairments that physiotherapists in Singapore assess and treat.  They use active physiotherapy techniques, which are effective in addressing spinal problems, to hasten the healing process and minimize inflammation. [9][10]

Physiotherapists also work with patients who have movement disorders, such as cerebral palsy.  They may use medications or injections, such as onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox), to manage muscle tightness and improve functional abilities. [1]

Finally, cardiopulmonary physiotherapists, commonly known as chest physios, work on a variety of acute and chronic cardiac and respiratory conditions.  These conditions include asthma, acute chest infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cystic fibrosis (CF).  Very often, chest physios are involved in the preparation and recovery of patients from major surgery.  They use a range of techniques to help restore movement and function in these patients. [6]

The difference between physio and occupational therapy

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy are often mistaken for one another due to their similar goals of improving health and wellness. The two disciplines, however, possess very different approaches in how they achieve this goal.   

Occupational therapy looks at the individual as a whole.  It analyses the environment around them to provide tailored treatments structured towards promoting participation and engagement in meaningful activities.

On the other hand, physiotherapy focuses on restoring movement.  It targets an individual’s musculoskeletal system with strength relating exercises aimed at treating physical impairments or disabilities. 

Utilising both physiotherapy and occupational therapy within a multidisciplinary team is incredibly beneficial when treating chronic conditions of older adults in a home care setting.   This allows each therapist to properly address the physical and mental components of long-term treatment plans.

We encourage those affected by chronic conditions or physical decline to explore our comprehensive approach to rehab therapy with our physiotherapists and manage their condition more effectively.

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Physiotherapy in Singapore