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Stroke Recovery Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is all about keeping consistent progress through intensive continuous therapy.


Our team will first focus on helping the individual to regain and relearn the skills of daily living. We will help the survivor understand and adapt to difficulties, prevent secondary complications, and educate family members to play a supporting role.


The gold standard therapy plan to stroke rehabilitation should begin with a multidisciplinary approach. The rehabilitation team consists of a multi-disciplinary team of physiotherapistsoccupational therapistsspeech-language pathologists, hand therapists and even several types of specialised massage therapists. We may also include psychologists and  psychotherapists into the team, since at least one-third of affected people manifests post stroke depression.


Validated instruments such as the Barthel scale and a comprehensive set of assessments are used to assess the likelihood of a person who has had a stroke being able to manage at home with or without support subsequent to discharge from a hospital so we can design an individualised therapy program for best outcomes.


We will continuously assess the progress of recovery in this potentially long journey and help manage the highest quality of life with a wide range of expertise and specialisations with our team of highly experienced clinicians.


Most importantly: time is of essence. The sooner we work on the early stages of the stroke, the higher the success rate in recovery. 


A stroke is a complex condition with many factors to consider, it’s best to get in touch with us to discuss in detail in the earliest time possible.