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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is at the core of Lifeweavers as the company is founded first by occupational therapists. The founding principals brought a wealth of knowledge from UK and Europe to practice in Singapore and then adapting the expertise to local Asian populations. Taking the fundamentals of OT,  we adopt the holistic nature of its philosophies into our approach to treatment and formed the mission to advocate for allied health professions.


To simply distill the core principles of occupational therapy is to focus on function and access to a quality, meaningful life. This is what we can help people assess the possibilities, set achievable goals and realise them through strategies, tools and bringing in the relevant therapy activities into the treatment plan.


OTs put self-efficacy at first place. People should be as independent as they can be, for as long as possible. If they can’t, we build on the most effective support structure they have on hand to work for each client.


We dare to dream up solutions with you and are open minded to try any means as long as they help achieve sustainable goals towards healing. 


We’ll be very happy to tell you all about it, drop us a line.