Personalised Exercise Therapy

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Personalised Exercise Therapy

Exercise is a key part of staying physically and mentally fit as we age, but the intensity and type of exercise should be adjusted to match our age. Here’s what professionals need to know about exercise for active ageing.

Exercise As A Form of Therapy

Exercise has numerous physical benefits for those in the elderly population, such as improved mobility, strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. It also helps with reducing the risk of falls, increasing bone density and muscle mass, improving sleep quality and digestion, and reducing stress levels. In addition to these physical benefits, exercise can also improve mental wellbeing by reducing depression symptoms and increasing cognitive functioning.

Grading Exercise by Age

Our personalised exercise plans are designed by allied health professionals and our Exercise Therapists are able to provide guidance on how best to start exercising safely so that the patient can reap all the benefits of regular physical activity without causing any harm or discomfort in the process.

Exercising is essential for Active Ageing

Regular exercise is essential for active ageing – it has physical and mental health benefits that cannot be overlooked. We simply need to adjust the workout routine accordingly. With all these considerations taken into account and a well designed exercise plan, anyone can stay fit as we age!

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