Corporate Clinic

We bring gold standard expertises to you.

Lifeweavers Corporate Clinic™

Our specialisation of bringing continuous therapy to the community goes further when it reaches the workplace.

We spend an average of at least 1/3 of our waking hours at work – any more than that, you are in the danger zone. That’s a whole lot of time. And it’s definitely affecting your life and health in a big way.

So, why are we not focusing on the assessment of the workplace, how we work, the risks involved and exploring solutions to enhance the work life for our workers better?

Is your company’s sick leave increasing? Are staff turnover becoming worrying? Are you suspecting that productivity can be improved if your staff are healthier but not sure where the problems are? If you are HR or Management and have asked those questions recently (or for a while now!?!), you can use some new strategies from our therapy consulting team.

We bring our clinical services directly to your company – be it a corporate office, a manufacturing plant, a food and beverage outlet or if you run a logistics fleet – Lifeweavers believe it’s better to see the problems where your staff work, not in a doctor’s office.

When we can see where they perform their duties, the immediate environment where they spend most of that 8 hours, what they do and how they do it – we can envision the solutions more effectively. And solve the problems better.

Problems solved means less worry for shareholders, better service to customers and happier environment to proudly work in. We know how to win!