Professional Caregivers Home Respite

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Professional Caregivers Home Respite

Professional Caregivers Home Respite

Caregiving is a demanding role.

And we care deeply about caregivers as they are a cornerstone to an effective therapy plan and one of the strongest pillars in the support structure for people with conditions.

At times, caregiving becomes a 24/7 task and the person giving care gets burnt out.

That is why, as part of an optimal plan, we build a Professional Caregivers Home Respite service.  This allows caregivers to relieve themselves or to attend to other matters.  While our team of professional technicians takes over the caregiving duties professionally.


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However, if you are facing a medical emergency, please contact emergency services 995 instead.

Essential Information

Who are our professional caregivers?

Overseen by a therapist and case manager, our technicians bring experience, relevant tools, and a high standard of service to observe and engage the client with professional expertise designed by Lifeweavers.

Our Professional Caregivers are often medically trained.  And they are an extension of the attending therapist outside of the therapy sessions.

That is the difference with our caregivers.  They are professionals with years of medical experience who have worked in hospitals and clinics. That is why they can keep a high standard in serving our clients.

How the respite sessions become an extension of the therapy plan

We will produce a report at the end of the session to document the engagement by our technicians for the attending therapist.  And we use these sessions to monitor the difference in our client’s performance and at times behaviour outside of the therapy sessions. 

Does anyone need to be around during these respite sessions and how long can they maximally be?

The whole idea with having professional caregivers is so you can leave the client with us totally so you can go out to run an errand or simply take a few hours off for self-care.  Our technicians will ensure the home and the client be well taken care of.

You can book up to 4 hours daily for these Professional Caregivers Home Respite sessions.

How do I begin?

Feel free to Whatsapp us for a free consult.  And provide as much information as possible about the client and we will plan on from there.  

Lifeweavers is a multi-disciplinary therapy team of highly experienced rehabilitation clinicians consisting:

We also work with rehab doctors, counsellors and links up with support groups, social prescriptions and external vendors with other specialised services or equipment to assist our clients every step of the way on their recovery journey.

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