Advanced Robotics Rehab Clinic

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Advanced Robotics Functional & Neurological Rehab Clinic

This is simply the future of therapy; but it’s utmost important we do not remove the human therapist in the process.

Robotics, to us, is an enhancement, not a replacement.

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Best Practices
Deep Knowledge
Aim for best Outcomes Highest quality of life

Unlocking boundless potential in health: our team, fueled by unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence, dedicates every opportunity to optimizing life’s quality.

With steadfast dedication and deep knowledge, we strive for nothing short of the best outcomes, ensuring every individual receives the highest standard of care, enriching lives with compassion and precision for as long as their journey of recovery and maintenance with us.


Unique Areas Of Focus


Let the robots do the heavy lifting

Robotic assistance in therapy ensures consistent and repetitive movements, essential for neuroplasticity and recovery.

By automating certain aspects of therapy, robotics frees up therapists to focus on higher-level patient care and interaction.


Integrative Multidisciplinary Teamwork

We have all the allied health rehab disciplines under one roof and complementing services such as nursing and assistive transport in our network, all working in concert of delivering high standards.


Human & Machines

Lifeweavers is most mindful that technology does not replace the role of the human.

It is not a productivity issue we are solving, it's about elevating the quality of our rehab methods and futureproofing our practice alongside the needs of our clients.


Suite of Solutions

With robotics, therapists can objectively measure progress, leading to evidence-based interventions and better outcomes.

Interactivity with Gamification

Rehabilitation robotics offers therapists the ability to adjust resistance levels and difficulty settings in real-time, optimizing each session with context.

Accurate Measurements & Elevated Engagement

The integration of robotics in therapy enhances patient engagement and motivation, crucial factors for successful rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapist Jas


Senior Occupational Therapist

Jasmine is a certified Dr. Vodder School of Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Combined Decongestive Therapy Practitioner, and is able to perform manual lymphatic drainage massage, garment prescription and banadaging.

She specialises in oncological related lymphedema and cancer rehabilitation, and was involved in setting up the Breast cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema service for an acute hospital, while collaborating with the Breast care team to ensure high standards of care for their Breast surgery clients.

liz pic round


Clinical Director

Liz has been in leadership positions in managing rehab teams in hospitals and runs a high quality, specialised, multidisciplinary home therapy team in the community providing gold standard continuous rehab to patients with neuro and chronic conditions.

As an OT, she sees prevention of functional decline as the silver bullet to prolonged life of quality. She is constantly looking at new robotics, rehab tools and equipment for the teams to deliver more effective therapy and a better experience for clients.

Wen Jie

Senior Physiotherapist

As an expert in rehabilitation, Wen Jie is proud to have helped and educated those in need in her years as a therapist. Having suffered injuries herself, she has been through and understands pain and suffering.

Her passion is rewarded when clients smile and tell her that they are enjoying the things they love in their life again. Her mantra: The process of Recovery is not always easy, but I will give you my hand wholeheartedly to help you through it.

Hai Song

Senior Occupational Therapist

Hai Song is certified in Parkinson’s rehab program LSVT BIG occupational therapist and is equally equipped with knowledge of Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders having acquired a Postgrad Certification in Elder Health.

He has worked in both inpatient wards, day rehabilitation settings and home therapy, experienced with rehabilitation for patients with medical, orthopedic, neurological, and cognitive impairment conditions and well familiar with the use of robotics.

Jing Wen

Senior Physiotherapist

A dedicated and experienced physiotherapist certified with Parkinson’s rehab program LSVT BIG with several years of experience in different community settings such as inpatient, day rehab center and home based therapy.
Jingwen has built specialisations in Neuromuscular, Parkinson’s Disease, Geriatric, Orthopedic, and Exercise Therapy.


Senior Occupational Therapist

Yuna implemented Pool Activity Level (PAL) and person-centred care to deliver better care for patients with moderate to advanced dementia in the Geriatric Monitoring Unit (GMU), a specialised elder care ward.

She has worked with a spectrum of neurology conditions such as stroke, brain injury, meningioma, neuromuscular disease and spinal cord injury.

A specialist in low vision rehab, she’s proficient in interventions and home therapy for patients across a spectrum of visual conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, age-related muscular degeneration and hemianopia.


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

The integration of robotics in therapy enhances patient engagement and motivation, crucial factors for successful rehabilitation.