Palliative Care Rehabilitation

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Palliative Care Rehabilitation

Palliative Care Rehabilitation

The essence of palliative care rehabilitation is to live well, live doing what is meaningful, and facilitate optimal quality of life. 



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Essential Information

What is palliative care rehabilitation?

There is a misconception that if we decide to give up on treatment, there is nothing left for us that can be done.  This is not true.  After all, it is a personal choice to stop all invasive treatment but it does not mean that we do not continue to live.  The essence of palliative care rehabilitation is to live well, live doing what is meaningful to you, and facilitate optimal quality of life. 

Through palliative care rehabilitation, we are here to enable one to do what one wants to do through the various functional stages of his or her journey.  And our therapists are experienced not just with medical knowledge, but also with the skills of incorporating everything holistically while valuing what is important to one as a person.

How can palliative care rehabilitation help?

Contrary to what we understand about the word, rehabilitation, where we rehabilitate to health or normal life, palliative rehabilitation takes on a functional and supportive role in the following ways: 

Functional rehabilitation:

  • Maintain function to prevent deconditioning and functional decline 
  • Promote independence and enable participation in daily activities → through exercises, or incorporating therapy into favourite or leisure activities 
  • Cognitive engagement 
  • Lymphedema management 

Supportive care 

  • Equipment prescription
  • Environmental modifications 
  • Energy conservation strategies

Comfort care: 

  • Namaste care → sensory experience to engage and bond
  • Prevent complications from immobility in bed

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Lifeweavers is a multi-disciplinary therapy team of highly experienced rehabilitation clinicians consisting:

We also work with rehab doctors, counsellors and links up with support groups, social prescriptions and external vendors with other specialised services or equipment to assist our clients every step of the way on their recovery journey.

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