Comprehensive Caregivers Training

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Comprehensive Caregivers Training

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The Caregiver is one of the most important pillars for a solid support structure for families with a loved one with a chronic condition or old age.

Shouldn’t we make sure this pillar remains healthily strong for care to be sustainable and for the family to have a peace of mind?

It is time we focus in #CaringForCaregivers and #HelpingTheHelpers to instill a better culture in caregiving.

It all starts with the right mindset, and the rest will follow.


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Essential Information

Caregiver Training Saves Lives

As a responsible and well-informed society, it is crucial that we prioritize the well-being and safety of our loved ones, especially those who require extra care due to chronic conditions and old age. Unfortunately, there has been an alarming trend in Singapore and Southeast Asia where families rely heavily on foreign domestic helpers to provide medical care without adequate training or preparation. This has resulted in catastrophic accidents, injuries, and even deaths, which could have been prevented with the right approach towards caregiving.

Injuries, Accidents and Deaths

We understand these issues first hand as our clinicians see these cases all too often from the acute to the community settings. Our mission is simple: to educate families about the dangers of undertrained helpers and equip caregivers with the necessary skills and tools to care for their loved ones safely and effectively.

Do not wait till it’s too late to experience the dangers of relying solely on domestic helpers without adequate training and support for medical care. The physical demands of caregiving can be challenging even for trained professionals, let alone untrained helpers who may not understand the risks involved.

Gold Standard Knowledge, Techniques and Mindsets

This is where Lifeweavers’ comprehensive caregiver training comes in, providing caregivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle various caregiving tasks safely and effectively.

Additionally, Lifeweavers recognizes the importance of using assistive equipment such as hoists and transfer aids to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. This approach not only ensures the safety of patients but also protects caregivers from physical strain and burnout, a prevalent issue among foreign domestic helpers.

By prioritizing the safety and well-being of both patients and caregivers, Lifeweavers’ caregiving training aims to elevate standards beyond what is existing currently and introduce a mass movement of preventing malpractice to ensure caregivers are not burnt out and helpers work happily and safely for Singaporean families.

Correct The Trend – #CaringForCaregivers and #HelpingTheHelpers

The trend of relying solely on foreign domestic helpers for medical care without adequate training and support is a dangerous and irresponsible practice. It not only puts patients at risk but also puts undue physical and emotional strain on caregivers. 

These preventable issues are now being left uncheck and it contributes to the unnecessary suffering of individuals and add to the stress of the overburdened healthcare system.

This is our open call to galvanise the public to think of the well-being of caregivers by #Caring ForCaregivers and safety of our helpers by #HelpingTheHelpers to cultivate a more sustainable caregiving culture and positive society for all.

Lifeweavers is a multi-disciplinary therapy team of highly experienced rehabilitation clinicians consisting:

We also work with rehab doctors, counsellors and links up with support groups, social prescriptions and external vendors with other specialised services or equipment to assist our clients every step of the way on their recovery journey.

Our Caregivers Training is one of the most comprehensive offered. It is individualised and holistic to dive deep into each client's situation.