Gold Standard Therapy Programs

We bring gold standard therapy to you.

How we do gold standard

7 Principles on the Lifeweavers Approach

01 high standards

Best Practices = High Standard

As publicly registered healthcare professionals, it’s baseline to observe industry best practice that are recognised by the Ministry and institutions. But at Lifeweavers, we go beyond to ensure we take in the latest international studies and trends to form our protocols.

Aim for Best Possible Outcomes = Maximise Potential

Our experienced clinicians will guide you towards the best possible outcome we can imagine together. When that happens, the sky’s the limit. If you dare to dream it, we will help you realise it as expertly as possible to live the life you love.

03 forward thinking

Forward Thinking = Prevent Declines

Prevention is always better than cure. Simple as that. Being informed with accurate, up-to-date information and taking action regularly is key in strategising prevention of health declines. Our team is here to keep you on the right path.

Multidisciplinary Teamwork = Knowledgeable Clinicians Working As One

This is a key design differentiator of Lifeweavers. We are a MDT – a multidisciplinary team – of rehab clinicians consisting of allied health, functional rehab specialists and medical wellness professionals constantly collaborating actively on every case.

05 Personcentric

Person-Centred Approach = Holistic, BioPsychoSocial Healthcare

A holistic practice considers the biological, psychological and social effects attached to a person to form a full picture of what is meaningful to the person. This is the backbone of our approach as an occupational therapy-led practice. Our health and life is more complex than just looking one dimension.

Caregivers Care = Solid Support Structure

We also focus on one of the most key partners of our therapy team – the caregivers. Without a doubt, they form one of the most important pillars in the success of any therapy plan we design, that is why we make sure family education is in place to get us started on the right mindset from the beginning and the helpers are well trained with knowledge specific to the condition and client they are dealing with on a daily basis. This will prevent burnout and injuries which will derail our therapy plan and cripple a coping family.

06 Life is Good

Meaningful Life = Quality Of Life

At the end of the day, your goals are the most important – achieving the things that are meaningful to you ultimately defines how good your life is. This is what guides us in our work.