The Lifeweavers Functional & Cognitive Assessment

The Lifeweavers Gold Standard Assessment

Everything starts with the Initial Assessment. It is the single most important document to guide every therapy plan our team delivers. 

To plan effectively is to be thorough.

To be thorough is to keep good standards.

The Lifeweavers Assessment is backed by some of the most comprehensive tools and studies distilled from years of first hand experience, knowledge of best practices and learning from pitfalls from countries that has successful and matured national scale therapy programs, such as United States, United Kingdom and Australia.


It is client-centric, evidence-based and multi-dimensional, and it differentiates itself by coupling with our in-house therapy methods. 


Only after this comprehensive Assessment, the data will guide our therapy team to design effective interventions and plan the Therapy Program for the client that is meaningful and individualised to the client’s needs and condition.