Stroke Recurrence among Stroke Patients Referred for Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation

Many stroke survivors would like to return to driving.  However, they are often worried about the risk of recurrent stroke, especially if it would occur while driving and causes an accident.   A Singapore study by TTSH Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (DARP) studied the impact of stroke recurrence among drivers referred to their program, which is run by trained Occupational Therapists.  The study showed that among their patients, the risk of recurrent stroke is low at 11.3% over a median of 30 months.  However, age is the main risk factor for stroke recurrence and there is a 4 times higher risk among those aged 60 years.   Despite that, none of their patients were involved in any multi-vehicle collisions.  These results might further help to reassure clinicians as driving is often an important occupation, especially for those below 60, and to support efforts to integrate return to driving post-stroke.

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